"Protecting Your Assets"


New and Improved Design

Ease and speed of set up in mind (and subsequent disassembly and reassembly for maintenance), as well as easily modifying existing configurations, while maintaining and improving the integrity of the strongest panels around, led to the development these newly improved panels.


Steel rod and pin type assembly facilitate quick and simple installation and removal of sections for servicing or well maintenance. These panels are available in the standard 12' length but can be custom built any length to suit your specific needs.


The same rod and pin assembly is now used to combine extra lengths of straight panels, without the need for any extra joining pieces. 24' x 24' , 12' x 36' , any shape and size you need, has never been easier to accomplish.

Support legs, pictured below, are also very easy to install and remove. They add stability to larger installations in uneven areas, and are recommended for when an added level of security against livestock is required.


The panels are fully guaranteed for one year, any part that breaks during the first year of use will be repaired or replaced.


Wagner's Fabricating is now using a new magnetic spray paint machine for all new panels. The panels can be painted in bright colors for safety, or to comply with specific industry standards, or in a number of neutral colors, to better blend in to the surroundings where environmental sensitivity or aesthetic appeal may be an issue. Below is a 12' x 12' "Desert Tan", which works well in many areas of pasture or native prairie.


Picture of a newly installed 24' x 24' assembly.


Another newly installed 24' x 24'



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